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Historically, restoration has existed as long as artists' have painted.  The artists themselves would often attempt their own restoration often resulting in further damage.


Today restoration has evolved into a far more sophisticated interdisciplinary profession known as conservation.  Conservation blends an understanding of artists' techniques, art history, chemistry and technical skills.


When performed properly, with skill and sensitivity, conservation will preserve and extend the life of an artwork for future generations, and preserve the owner's investment.

Time is cruel to works of art.  They begin to deteriorate soon after completion.  Varnish discolors; paint layers may crack or lift; and canvas becomes so weak it can easily be torn.  Many factors contribute to this destructive process including:


  • Environmental Extremes- drastic changes in temperature or humidity
  • Air Pullutants
  • Pests
  • Vandalism, mistreatment or improper handling

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October 24th Lecture Groton Historical Society- Bring your painting for free conservation analysis

Latest News We recently restored the murals in Nathaniel Hawthorn's study at the Wayside in Concord, MA

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